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Christmas Giveaway

Join us this Christmas as we bless deserving Bay Area families with enough money to cover a year’s worth of groceries!

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The Details

Our nominations team has chosen six deserving families! Now, it’s your turn to vote…

The goal of the Christmas Giveaway is to give away thousands of dollars to Bay Area families that most deserve it and need it—either because of job loss, unfortunate events, or other circumstances. The only requirement is that the family be currently living in the SF Bay Area.

The offering collected during our Christmas Eve Service will be split between these six deserving families. The top three families with the most votes will receive enough money to cover a year’s worth of groceries and the remaining three will receive three months worth*.

Our Nominations Team has now selected the top six families and now we are giving you the opportunity to VOTE for who you believe to be the top three deserving families.

* Top 3 families with most votes will receive one $100 Safeway gift card per week for one year. Bottom 3 families with most votes will receive one $100 Safeway gift card per week for 12 weeks.


  • November 28-December 17th
    Open Nominations
  • December 17th
    Nominations Team Chooses Six Families
  • December 18-23rd
    Voting for Six Families*
  • December 24th
    Christmas Giveaway During Christmas Eve Service

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The Six Chosen Families

Please read the stories of the six families and then vote below.

1. Irene Wagner

Nominated by: The Principal of the school where the children attend

On Wednesday, December 1st, a fire broke out in the home that the Wagner's were renting. Luckily the family (Mom, Dad, son-2nd grader, daughter-5th grader, 2 dogs) was able to escape. Unfortunately, they lost everything except for the clothes they were wearing. The entire house burned to the ground, including their cars and all tools (Dad is a contractor for a living.) Last year the dad lost his job and the family was forced to cancel their renters insurance. They are unable to receive any restitution for their losses…they would be blessed to receive the giveaway!

2. Elisabeth Gallegos

Nominated by: A co-worker and friend

This lovely lady that I work side by side continues to take a positive step everyday, even though each day can be a struggle. When I first began to work with Liz, she and her family where living in a garage. They were able to save enough money to finally move into a rental home. Her husband is in construction and has barely worked over the last 2 years. Liz has 3 lovely children that are all school age. Her children are the reason that she continues to take a positive look at life, even when things get really tough. Liz is also working on her college degree taking online courses thru Ashford University and works at an elementary school in Santa Clara.

3. Shannon Ellis

Nominated by: Her daughter

My mom is a single working parent. She came upon hardship after the birth of my sister in 2008. My sister is delayed in many areas, which requires my mom to reduce her work hours in order to take her to her various appointments on a weekly basis. My sister has improved a lot but, unfortunately, at a cost. My mom is falling behind on all our bills and its really starting to stress her out. It’s really hard for her to focus on my sister sometimes when everything around her is kind of falling apart…I am stressed out and scared too. It would be great if my mom could win this it would be one less stress and one less bill.

4. Micah and Amanda

Nominated by: Family members

This family has had a very difficult year. Micah is a house painter, and the company he works for has had no jobs for the last few weeks, and business has been sparse for several months. They have three small children (ages 8, 5, and 2). They also have been overwhelmed with grief this year. On July 1st, the best friend of Amanda, Micah’s wife, committed suicide. The next day (7/2), Amanda’s grandmother died, and on the day of the memorial service for her grandmother, her only uncle was murdered by people that broke into his house at night.

5. Josefina Chavez

Nominated by: One of the student’s teachers

My student’s grace under pressure became abundantly apparent to me when one day I spoke to her about her home life. She handled this with a mental attitude that surpassed her physical age. We know that balancing the demands of school and friends/family is never easy, but it appears that her drive is a great source of power. Because of this, my student had to assume the role of “Second Mom” to her younger siblings. Being the second oldest, she sits down with them to make sure that their homework is complete meanwhile her mom works multiple jobs as the single caregiver for the family of 4 children; including a recent adopted child that was a foster child. All the while, my student has proudly committed herself to her own duties: a demanding responsibility at home and a rigorous schedule throughout her high school career.

6. Tina Savitz

Nominated by: Her Teenage Daughter

I think that my family should win one spot in the giveaway because my mom has just celebrated her three year anniversary of her sobriety. We were scattered with relatives to avoid sleeping in the streets until she swooped us all back up, and we lived in the Nextdoor shelter for women and children about a month, then in the San Jose Family Shelter for about six months, then a year in the Homesafe program, and now currently are in the Sobrato transitional housing apartments. My mother is a single mom and is currently watching my toddler niece and nephew to help make ends meet. I know every one has gone through tough times but we have been doing really really good as a family and would be more than excited to not have to go through that week at the end of each month of scarce food. To make things clear, we are three teenagers and an eight year old, plus mom. I’m about to be seventeen and its hard for me to be a teenager never the less worry about getting a job on the side to help support my family, and I just feel like we have come so far from a gloomy past. Thank You.

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Please vote for a family. The top three families with the most votes will receive enough money to cover a year’s worth of groceries and the remaining three will receive three months worth*.